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Every moment counts

Campanari, Easter cakes

My dad used to make kindly fun of me. In my paternal family, one of our traditions is to make Easter cookies, and it was rather rarely that I made them on time, that is to say on Sunday. On the other hand, instead of making them only once a year, it happened to me and I still do to prepare them several times a year. It made my dad laugh...but he always envied me a little!☺️

Christmas, the best time of the year?

Why do we usually say that the most beautiful time of the year is Christmas? Why should there be a favorite season of the year, or a favorite day of the week? Loving a holiday, a season, a recipe, yes! But without, on the other hand, neglecting other holidays, underestimating other seasons, trivializing other recipes, or hating Mondays because it means going back to work.

Every moment counts! The most beautiful day of the year is today!

We are used not to live in the moment, we study for an exam, we work to take a vacation, from the beginning of the week, we wait to be Friday. In the stores, from the beginning of summer, we are overwhelmed with back-to-school supplies, as soon as the school year starts, the shelves are filled with candies and Halloween horrors, the Christmas decorations are immediately replaced by hearts and red roses, etc. Society does not help us to live in the moment for sure.

Campanari, Easter cakes?

What if we ate campanari all year round? What if we didn't wait for Christmas to hang lights on the wall or offer a gift? What if we took advantage of carrying a child for a long time in our arms without trying to make him as independent as possible as soon as possible? What if every day we gave ourselves a few moments of vacation? Live the life. Appreciate every moment. And not limiting our happiness to a day, a season, a period of our life.

At home, it's Easter every day! 🤗

Campanari are Mediterranean biscuits made in particular in Sicily and Tunisia, flavored with anise and orange blossom water, they contain a hard-boiled egg that we like to decorate. We make them exclusively at Easter, except at home! 😉

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