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A special gift 🎁

This year, we played “Secret Santa”, a secret gift exchange. The kids played it at school before, but with the Covid mesures, even our oldest one hasn't had the chance this year. Well, she suggested we do it at home, what we did!

Everyone picked a name, and had to prepare a gift. A restriction however, so that the gesture is fair and undoubtedly more beautiful, we couldn't exceed 5 $! Either get by with what's in the house, or barely spend any money at all!

The gift should not have financial value, but bear the mark of the love one has for another ...

During the day of the 24th, everyone left their present, the little ones helped by parents, at the foot of the Christmas tree. And in the evening, over Christmas Eve, we took them one by one, the one intended for the youngest first, and we opened them trying to guess who they were from!

There were laughs, questions, excitements, hugs, wonder ... well, whatever it takes to brighten up the party even more!

The special gift I received: a small jar filled with strips of paper, with sweet or motivating notes, to "use" whenever I want. My Secret Santa was bragging about not having spent anything for this present ... it was true! But what a precious gift 💓💎✨

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